#NP: "The Life of Pabo" - Kanye West

Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album art design concept

In some of Kanye's most recent twitter rants, he brought up the meaning behind the name of his album - The Life of Pablo. Kanye explains that Pablo, means Paul, who was God's messenger that spread the news. (13 years of Catholic School taught me this lol)

Paul, as Kanye explains in his rant, is from the first century. Although he was not originally part of the Twelve Apostles, he taught the Gospel of Christ to the first century world. He was considered one of the most important and controversial figure of that time, kinda like Kanye is currently. What we know about Paul's preaching, comes only from his letters he wrote to the churches.

My concept for the album artwork was inspired solely by biblical references. Everything from the 10 commandments, the Stations of the Cross, to the roman alphabet lettering used during that time period. Kanye has referred to himself many times as a biblical figure, a preacher and the bearer of good news. The color red is used as a symbol of energy, power, passion and desire. Blood Red is the color used for the feast of all Martyr's, Apostles and symbolizes that God is present.