personal project

Kanye West's - The Life of Pablo album art design concept was based off Kanye's recent rants where he explained the meaning of his album title. According to Kanye, The Life of Pablo (Paul) is about Paul the Apostle who was a very controversial figure of the first century. Paul spread the Gospel of Jesus as Kanye does with current world situations through his music

The title of the album and the tweets to follow, sparked the concept behind this design. The concept of the design combines the old biblical references with the modern day of Kanye's references - everything from the 10 commandments, the Stations of the Cross, Yeezy Season 3, to the roman alphabet lettering used during that time period.

The color red is used as a symbol of energy, power, passion and desire. Blood Red is the color used for the feast of all Martyr's, Apostles and symbolizes that God is present.